Automatic motor welding machine

Models: Spot Welding Machine
Function: Automatic welding of motor parts
Advantage: 1.High precision, high efficiency; 2.High yield, high stability; 3.With automatic detection function; 4.Highly intelligent real-time monitoring;
The motor together with the carrier is manually placed on the external conveyor after the equipment is electrified and aerated. When the carrier flows to the welding station, the carrier is positioned and clamped between the parts to be welded. Vision system captures and locates the welding point, guides the welder to complete the task and finally reinspects the welded point to eliminate defects.
Equipment Dimension:1000mm*1500mm*2000mm'
Rated Voltage:220V
Rated Power:1.0KVA
Gas Supply Pressure:0.5~0.7Mpa

1.Adopting CCD vision-guided welding, high precision and high efficiency of product welding;

2.Automatic clamping of parts which need welding to effectively avoid false welding. High yield of the equipment;

3.Motion control in conjunction with vision systems to effectively eliminate incoming defects and monitor production defects.

4.Highly intelligent equipment, which can automatically generate data reports;

We can offer automated production lines through combineing this machine with other individual units freely according to customer requirements.