Five-axis automatic dispensing machine

Models: Dispensing machine
Function: Automatic dispensing
Advantage: 1.Five-axis dispensing mechanism to achieve flexible and versatile product dispensing; 2.Positioning rotary mechanism to ensure the stability and accuracy of dispensing; 3.CCD vision-guided dispensing ensures higher precision and efficiency;
After the equipment is energized and aerated, manually place the workpiece on the external flow line. When the product flows into the jacking position of the equipment, the jacking module lifts up the workpiece and rotates it to the dispensing position. The CCD guides the dispensing valve to dispense the product automatically, and the product will be automatically flowed out after checking and confirming that there is no error.
Equipment Weight:960KG
Equipment Dimension:1200mm*1000mm*1800mm
Rated Voltage:220V
Rated Power:4.5KW
Gas Supply Pressure:0.5~0.7Mpa

1.Five-axis linkage can realize multi-position dispensing of products. Flexible and changeable dispensing posture are applicable to various tricky positions, compatible with different dispensing positions and glue valve, CCD;

2.Positioning rotary  mechanism ensures the stability and accuracy of carrier dispensing;

3.Vision-guided dispensing valve for collaborative dispensing ensures high precision and efficiency;

4.After the dispensing is completed, the CCD will review and control the dispensing quality, thus making the equipment process more stable and reliable;

We can offer automated production lines through combineing this machine with other individual units freely according to customer requirements.