Air tightness testing machine

Models: Testing machine
Function: Automatic cell phone waterproof and leakproof airt...
Advantage: 1.High precision differential pressure air-tightness inspection system with high stability; 2.Full set of force-controlled servo control system, real-time adjustablity. Full monitoring and output pressure curve for data analysis; 3.Multiple +E8 products can be tested simultaneously to meet the nee...
After the equipment is electrified and aerated, the product is placed on the carrier of the test channel  and positioned. Then the test channel enters the interior of the equipment, and the sealing axes in the three directions of XYZ seal the various test positions of the product according to the set stopping force.
The test system starts. After the air pressure reaches the expected value, a certain pressure of compressed air rushes into the test wall. the equipment tests the pressure difference for a period of time and converts into a leakage rate. The product data is displayed in the UI and uploaded to the cloud.
Equipment Dimension:1000mm*650mm*1800mm
Equipment Weight:800KG
Rated Voltage:220V
Rated Power:2.5kw
Gas Supply Pressure:0.5~0.7Mpa
1.The accurate calibration system and differential pressure calculation system of high-precision differential pressure air measuring instruments lead to high stability and the differential pressure accuracy is up to 0.00001 bar;
2.The entire testing process is divided into four stages: inflation, pressure stabilization, testing, and air release, to more accurately test the true leakage rate of the product;
3.A full set of force-controlled servo control system, with real-time adjustable stopping force, full monitoring of force fluctuations and output of pressure curves for data analysis;
4.The use of force-control, real-time monitoring of the state of the product force during the test better protects the product;
5.The ability to test multiple products simultaneously is sufficient to meet the needs of high-volume production and improve production efficiency;