Adhesive Sticking Machine for Moblie Phone

Models: Automated Assembly Machine
Function: Stick the adhesive automatically in the middle fra...
Advantage: 1. High accuracy, high efficiency on assembly 2. Pressure maintaining for better viscosity 3. Reinspection on the products, stable processing of the assembly machine
Place HSG on conveyor 3  after the equipment is electrified and aerated, and lift HSG to the position to be assembled when it reaches the middle of the  conveyor. At the same time, robot draws in the ADH and tear the film off; then stick the ADH in the HSG, maintain the pressure, and the assembly is completed.
Rated Voltage:220V 50HZ
Equipment Weight:750KG
Equipment Dimension:750mm*800mm*2000mm
Rated Power:1.0KVA
Gas Supply Pressure:0.5~0.7Mpa
1. Use visual positioning technology together with robot system for high accuracy, high efficiency on adhesive sticking and assembly

2. After adhesive sticking, maintain the pressure of the products for better viscosity

3. Reinspection on the products of which the pressure have been maintained, stable processing of the assembly machine

We can offer automated production lines through combineing this machine with other individual units freely according to customer requirements.